Containg 65 colour illustrations & colour dissection photographs

Written by:
George Ramsey-Stewart

Illustrations & layout by:
Euan Ramsey-Stewart

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This book is essential for those practicing or contemplating practicing abdominal surgery

This book teases out in detailed but simple diagramatic form the essential steps in the development of the adult peritoneal cavity. An understanding of these embryolog- ical principles allows the abdominal operating surgeon to reverse to a greater or lesser degree some or many of these embryological events, so mobilising the target organ or organs and allowing the procedure to be completed safely with minimal blood loss. To this end the whereabouts and nature of the essential avascular zygotic cleavage planes are emphasised. These surgical manoevres are illustrated by photographs of cadaver dissections.

Using these principles an operative procedure can be simplified and made to resemble in the words of others "a work of art". Medical students with a surgical inclin- ation will benefit from understanding these principles. For surgical trainees who aspire to open the abdominal cavity, and for surgeons who do, understanding these principles makes for safe and efficient abdominal surgery.

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George Ramsey-Stewart is Professor of Surgical Anatomy at The University of Sydney and conducts the "Anatomy by Whole Body Dissection Course"

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