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Professor George Ramsey Stewart is currently Professor of Surgical Anatomy at the University of Sydney. His main teaching interest is the teaching of topographical anatomy to medical students, who aspire to a surgical career, and to postgraduate surgical trainees during their training. His research interests are in evaluating the various methods of imparting such anatomical knowledge. He was for many years a surgeon on the active surgical staff of Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney, and he remains an Emeritus Consultant Surgeon to that institution.

He also holds a Clinical Associate Professorship in the Discipline of Surgery at the University of Sydney. He feels strongly that a detailed knowledge of the anatomy of the peritoneum (which entails an appreciation of the embryology of the peritoneal cavity) is a prerequisite for all those who aspire to operate on, or who do operate on, the abdominal cavity.

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Euan Ramsey-Stewart has a passion for all things and systems scientific and technological, which helps provide social equity bettering society. Euan's background is in Industrial (product) design, adult learning and the financial services industry in Australia. He has been called an "Imagineer". He currently runs his own design consultancy Ramsey Stewart Industrial Design (RSID), specialising in high-end location specific electronic systems, with particular focus in the area of Location Based Services (LBS).

He is currently leading the 'Simo Project', an interdisciplanary team of design, human interface and geo/indoor-location specialists at the University of New South Wales. The project is focusing its research, in the areas of Indoor Navigation for the Blind and Vision Impaired. This project is funded by RSID, the Australian Research Council and supported by Vision Australia.

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